The Gods

There are two levels of divinity in all forms of Imperial religion. The level of godhood and the level of sainthood. Both are similar in that they both grant spells to their followers, but those who are gods are more universal while those who are saints are more area or family specific.

The saints are kinda like household gods. They are the accumulation of the spirits of a family’s ancestors which become the spirit of the family. many families end up being guided to worship their ancestors in the form of one who most personified the best qualities of their families. some worship several of their ancestors as a kinda pantheon. Most families in the empire worship their ancestors and have little shrines to them but only a few families end up with actual saint/gods which can bestow actual spells. These families have been blessed by one of the 3 gods and their ancestors become divine.

The emperor has, in recent years, declared himself canonized as a major god while getting a sizable portion of House Spiritus to agree. There is some confusion as to if he can bestow spells or not. He has canonized 4 other saints to be worshiped at the same level as the original three gods. So in addition to the father, mother and stranger, there are the warrior, crafter, maid and elder.

This has caused a schism in House Spiritus and the religious population in general. So, in the empire, there is the orthodox church and the true church, both claiming to be right. The orthodox only worship the three as ultimately divine along with house gods while the true church claims the 7 to be the true number of gods. Within the true church there is also a split as to whether or not to accept the emperor god as divine as well, but the official religion sanctioned by the empire is the seven plus emperor god plus house gods.

Needless to say there is a little confusion by everyone as to how, who and what to worship. Rumors of polgrams and crusades are on the horizon.


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The Gods

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